You can choose to have a design, name or no design. If you want a design choose it from the 2 design sheets or request to use your own design/logo and contact us the design. 


First text field will be where you list all of your color choices for any/all parts of the design.


Second text field will be for the colors of the name/text. Also where you can list what name/text you like and/or dog breed choice as well.


You can choose to have no text at all and just the design. Type out whatever customizations you would like for everything. If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact form.




Holographic: Holographic Red

Glitter: Glitter Neon Purple

Chrome: Chrome Purple

Solid Color: Solid Yellow

Metal: Metal Teal




Alexa walk the dog design. You want the Alexa & Dog design in Glitter Purple and the text in Solid black

Crazy Pug Lady design: You want the Pugs In Holographic Red and Text in Glitter White 


Phone Case- Transparent Color

Transparent Full Color
  • The screen lip design lifts your phone off the ground to protect against damage to the screen or the lens.

    Dual layer shock absorption rubber cover with hard